New professor at the Institute for Materials Simulation

Picture from Prof. Dr. Luca Ghiringhelli
Prof. Dr. Luca Ghiringhelli, Lehrstuhl für Werkstoffsimulation an der FAU (Bild: FAU/Georg Pöhlein)

Dr. Luca Ghiringhelli has been appointed W2 Professor for “Data-based Materials Modeling” at the Institute of Materials Simulation.

His term of office starts on 1.10.2023.

Research Focus

“Data-based material modeling. It combines traditional and modern physical and chemical knowledge of materials (quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, etc.) with artificial intelligence based tools for materials data analysis to develop better materials for the current and future needs of our increasingly materials based society.

We congratulate Professor Ghiringhelli and welcome him warmly to the Department!